CB Vented Flat Brush in Black


The CB Vented Brush in cool black, combines the benefits of detangling, vent and paddle brushes. Suited for all hair types to undo knots and tangles with minimal ease and less damage to the hair.

The spaced bristles on the brush allow for heat to pass through the brush easily, for better heat flow and prevents water from getting trapped in the brush. Combined with its waterproof slick coating this allows the brush to be used whilst in the shower, detangling hair after shampoo and conditioner becomes a treat.

The brush’s wide base reduces the number of strokes needed and flexible bristles provide gentle massaging action for the scalp to achieve a flawless blow dry in record time and style your crown to perfection. The CB Vented Brush is the perfect accessory to achieve the salon standard blow dry at home. A Must Have brush for any salon or home!

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