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Nano Micro Ring Hair Extensions Derry.

What Are Nano Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Nano micro ring hair extensions are an incredibly small type of ring hair extension. The strands are keratin bonded and attached strand by strand to your natural hair by squeezing a small metal ring flat. There are no chemicals and no heat treatments needed! Very very popular for all types of hair – thin, thick and a complete fuller look and feel.

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How Long Do Nano Micro Ring Hair Extensions Last?

With proper care, Nano Micro Ring hair extensions should last you up to 6 months. As your hair grows you will need maintenance appointments roughly every 8-12 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. During these appointments the extensions are re-applied at the roots of your hair.

For our most discreet Nano Micro Rings hair extensions we wanted to make sure every aspect of the product was top quality. We use only Remy Real Human Hair where all the cuticles are intact and aligned. This means our hair extensions maintain a natural beautiful shine and silkiness because all the hair flows in the same direction. All of our Nano Micro Ring extensions are 100% Double Drawn Remy human hair to make sure our Nano Micro Ring extensions maintain the same thickness and lusciousness from the root to the tip. Only the best quality hair is used in our Nano Micro Ring range so we know that when you see it, you will just have to buy these hair extensions!

Nano Micro Ring Hair Extensions, They Are So Small You Might Forget You Are Wearing Hair Extensions.

Versatile, Reusable and Damage Free – Nano Micro Ring Hair Extensions – Clare is a City & Guilds Qualified and Trusted Extensionist. An Official Naked Weave Authorised Technician and an Approved Member of Associated Beauty Therapists.

Again, you will discuss all the possibilities, including aftercare when you meet Clare at your first consultation to get your new amazing locks. Simply, make an appointment below and we look forward to chatting to you soon. 

Hair Extensions Derry
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Yes! Nano micro ring hair extensions can be reused if you take good care of them. So, it is very important to take the advice and guidance Clare will give you during your consultation and on the day of your fitting.

Never wash your Nano Micro Ring hair extensions daily. This will quickly strip the oils and moisture from the extensions. We recommend about 2-3 times a week is the right amount. After washing, apply the aftercare products Clare has advised to keep the extensions shiny and smooth!


Naked Weave

Official Naked Weave Extensionist Derry

We are super excited and proud to announce that Clare is also a Naked Weave registered and certified technician.

The Naked Weave application is an innovative technique of applying weft hair extensions.  The Naked Weave uses no heat, no glue, no braids and most importantly, no visible connections.

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Naked Weaves are adored by many celebrities, as the application is seamless and effortless. There is no visible connections, making it virtually impossible to tell that you are even wearing a weave.

The application is a truly innovative process and is not like any other application technique.

A Naked Weave needs to be re-fitted every 8-10 weeks. Depending on which brand of hair and aftercare you have chosen, the hair can be re-used. Always use the hair brands aftercare to maintain its longevity.

A Naked Weave is around 2-3 rows of hair. This will depend on your required thickness. You can also just have 1 row for volume/thickness.

The cost depends on the hair brand and level of quality. Cost also depends on the weight and thickness you desire, length of hair and colour, mixed colour/balayage.  All of these options will be discussed at your consultation.

—  Olivia Toland

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